About 關於我們

Throughout my entire experience running ADG, I have grown to really enjoy the feeling of seeing my customers become successful as an individual and as a company. I believe small business owners are some of the most hardworking members of our community; always with an unflinching desire to give back to others. The entire team at ADG is embedded with the same mentality; to believe that by working with our clients, we all will have a better family, better community, better city, and thus a better country. When I have a hard day at work, I can always go into any small restaurant and see someone working harder than me but can still go up to me with a smile that I know is fueled through nothing but their genuine compassion. Nothing motivates me more to work harder in order to help others be able to conquer the world.

ADG was founded in 1994 as a print broker firm working inside of a 900 square foot storefront in Chicago Chinatown. Throughout the years, projects with customers all over the Midwest has built the foundation that took us where we are today. Over two decades of working passionately to provide a better image for the food industry has now brought our company to serve as a staple for providing solutions to companies from all different backgrounds. Now taking place inside its 15,000 square foot facility, ADG currently excels in services to customers nationwide.

We love what we do and always treat your business as our own. From the specialties of design and printing to sharpening your company image through services like website development and unique signage, ADG has the capability to go above and beyond on what we offer. Beginning with design, our team builds up an extensive profile to best represent all of your interests. Once an idea is solidified, our manufacturing facility turns it into reality with years of experience along with state-of-the-art technology. When the job is done, you can depend on us to get the word of your company out to the customers through methods such as target mailing and SEO. Through design to manufacturing to reaching out to your clients, team ADG provides solutions dedicated to the success of your company. The world is changing rapidly, with variations in economical, social, and environmental backgrounds causing innovators and entrepreneurs to each develop their own unique mindset in what they strive to achieve. Therefore, ADG takes on an entire spectrum of services that is all centered around one simple purpose; to take our clients further than what they envision for themselves.

Chris Huang